MAYU Water Swirl

The MAYU Water Swirl uses the natural power of spiral movement (implosion or vortex) found throughout the universe. With this vortex motion, the MAYU Water Swirl naturally structures and aerates water. It replenishes dissolved oxygen, balances pH levels, and improves taste and quality, regardless of the water source; tap water, filtered water, reverse osmosis, or distilled water. The Swirl positively enhances both the physical and chemical characteristics of your drinking water.

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AquaSpin technology revitalizes water by creating a gentle swirl that induces a powerful implosion and natural crystalline structure. This process rounds the water molecules and minerals, which were previously angular and prone to clumping. After refinement, the minerals and lime scale become smoother and less likely to stick together. This enhances the longevity of your pipes, water-based home systems, and improves drinking water hygiene.

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Mechow Natural Sound Therapy

Holographic Frequency Therapy uses natural sound technology to improve health and well-being by harnessing the power of frequencies. This therapy introduces spherical, low-pressure sound into any space, a technique developed by East German engineer Rudolf Mechow

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Medalab Biotron®

The Biotron is a wellness device that transmits pre-programmed frequencies. While other systems focus mainly on eliminating specific issues, the Biotrohn emphasizes harmonization. It is programmed to generate positive resonances, creating a foundation for the perfect exchange of information and energy, which can be soothing and relaxing.

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Medalab Plasmatron®

The Plasmatron induces coherent cellular communication through the resonance of electromagnetic pulses from high-voltage plasma. Health is coherence. A healthy body is one where all cells are able to communicate correctly with each other. PLASMATROHN® achieves this process, since it is capable of generating a specific resonance field that affects different cell structures, depending on the frequency and intensity parameters used.

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Medalab CDS Generator (CLO2®)

A chlorine dioxide generator accessible to everyone. Contains no impurities. Only sodium chlorite is necessary for production. High speed of ClO2 generation and high volume of product obtained. High mildness and tolerability of the ClO2 obtained. Fully portable and easy-to-use device.

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Water Distiller

The MKII Water Distiller provides consistent results in maintaining water purity, glass after glass, year after year. This kitchen friendly purification system will remove 99.9% of chemical and bacterial contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, mercury, lead, arsenic, viruses and more.

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Double Helix Water

Studies have shown that Double Helix Water® has anti-inflammatory effects and benefits for the immune system, potentially relieving pain caused by inflammation. Independent clinics have suggested that Double Helix Water may increase cell membrane permeability, allowing cells to better absorb nutrients and expel waste, thus improving their function. As a result, Double Helix Water is sometimes referred to as a "driving agent" that enhances the uptake of other supplements, nutrients, and water.

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The AquaCure helps boost your wellness even if all you do is drink water that has been treated by it. Water is a source of vitality wherever it can be found in its pure, natural form. Yet, water tends to lose its energy and vitality when it is squeezed into tubes and pressured through pipes over long distances to be delivered to our homes.The AquaCure system revitalizes tap water’s energy and vitality. With AquaCure in your home, you can conveniently enjoy the goodness of revitalized water.

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Inner Compass Cards

In today’s whirlwind pace, Inner Compass cards invite you to pause and reflect. Each draw resonates, aligning with your innermost curiosities, guiding you through untapped paths of the soul.

Melding age-old wisdom—from Maya mythology to Taoism and beyond—each card emanates profound depth and connection. They aren’t just cards; they’re keys to your inner universe

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Helio Smoggstop

With the Electro-Smog Dissonance Transformer, the energetic chaos caused by e-smog on the human body can be uniquely neutralized using the energy of over 100 elements. This technology exclusively harnesses the power of nature through a special process. The elements transform the artificially generated frequency burdens from the environment and e-smog, creating natural elemental energy fields instead.

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Weber Bio Energy Systems

Weber Bio GmbH, founded by Hans Weferling, offers bioenergetic devices inspired by Dr. Wilhelm Reich's theories on orgone energy, a life force known in various cultures (Ch'i, Prana, Reiki, etc.). Their products, such as the Weber Isis orgone emitter, aim to enhance vitality by concentrating and transferring bioenergy to the body. These devices claim to positively impact health, plant growth, and environmental conditions. Weber Bio's devices are supported by alternative measurement methods and positive results from user experiences and select scientific experiments.

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