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Weber-Isis® Orgone Emitter 1:1.5 (Gold-Plated)

Weber-Isis® Orgone Emitter 1:1.5 (Gold-Plated)

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The super orgone emitter for mental and physical support. Energy and information transmission device according to the bioresonance principle.

Product information "Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1.5 (gold-plated)"

Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1,5, delivered in 2 aluminium cases, suitable for natural doctors, alternative practitioners and self-users. Consisting of: Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1,5, 1 pc. Isis transmitter ampoule H 1:1,5, 1 pc. Isis-transmitter-disc, 1 pc. Isis agate disc, 1 pc. Isis mountain crystal 1:1,5, 1 pc. Isis reducer 1:1,5, 1 pc. Isis-cable 0,5m, 2 pcs. Isis-cable 1,0m, 2 pcs. Isis-cable 2,0m, 2 pcs. Isis-hand probes, 1 pc. Isis-Turbo 1:1,5, 1 pc. Isis-adapter 1:1,5, 2 pcs. Isis-footplates, 1 pcs. hexagonal wrench with wooden handle. All brass parts are gold-plated. 

The super orgone emitter for mental and physical support

What is orgone? 

It is now widely known that the structure of the atom is vibrational energy. The universe is an ocean of vibrations with an infinite spectrum of frequencies. Electrons, atoms, molecules and bodies combined into formations create patterns of vibration and information of limitless variety. Resonances create interactions between all areas on the entire planet Earth. This exchange of vibrations takes place on levels that are still largely inaccessible to the natural sciences today.

Animals that can perceive and locate the vibration of their home place or of a sexual partner over great distances in a way that cannot be explained demonstrate the superior perceptive capacity of living systems compared to scientific measuring methods. However, the natural, electromagnetic frequency spectrum is not only an information carrier, but can possibly simultaneously convey a universal, subtle life energy, also called orgone energy. The material world is the seat of the electromagnetic vibrational level. It alone is accessible to present-day scientific research.

The electromagnetic vibrations can probably have an effect on the human body similar to an induction or filter effect, graduated and adapted. Sunlight has a similar mediating function, transmitting a universal, subtle life energy to nature. After its discoverer, Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897 - 1957), we call this bio-energy orgone. Based on the experiences of researchers such as Dr. Wilhelm Reich, G.S. Lakhovsky, Viktor Schauberger and Nikola Tesla, the following statements can be made about orgone: Orgone energy can presumably be transmitted and built up both by visible light and by invisible, electromagnetic waves. It is omnipresent, permeates all matter, and can interact with all physical energies of nature. Its density in the atmosphere changes with weather and cosmic conditions. Orgone is believed to be present in all cells of all living organisms and can probably be absorbed through light, respiration or food. Since all of creation contains nothing truly dead, it therefore probably occurs everywhere. Its specific color is probably blue or blue-gray, and thus exactly matches the blue planet Earth.


Whereby the thought arises whether this planet does not represent a single orgone-energetic, cosmic world-body? Flickering or trembling of air, well observable over street and water surfaces during long warm periods of summer, is not heated air which should move upward, but probably orgone. It probably flows from west to east, in the direction of the earth's rotation but slightly faster than it. The red blood cells are probably orgone-energy-charged vesicles, which presumably can carry this energy continuously to the body tissues. The chlorophyll of plants has a similar function.

This bio-energy can be equally contained in the humus of the earth, as presumably in all sperm cells, fruits, protozoa, etc. It is available in inexhaustible quantities. It is available in inexhaustible quantities and is probably continuously renewed by the dynamic evolutionary processes throughout the universe.

Orgone is probably cosmic life energy and thus probably the fundamental carrier of all vital materiality. Wilhelm Reich found the so-called bions during his detailed investigations. These are produced in scientific experiments by glowing or swelling of organic but also inorganic substances, as well as in free nature by the decay of tissues of all kinds. Bions are probably energy bubbles charged with orgone energy, which represent a transitional stage between inanimate and animate matter and can develop into protozoa or bacteria. This presumably means that new basic vital structures can probably emerge without delay after the process of decay of an organic body.


It is further shown that during the decay of healthy tissue, so-called blue bions are formed, which probably consist exclusively of orgone and can represent absolutely positive energy vortices in their entire nature. Orgone probably has a direct relationship to the germinal force and probably to all life processes of nature. Its harmonious flow can possibly bring about the balancing of tension and relaxation in the organism. Orgone can also be a component of the aura of living beings and matter. People with special talents can perceive a condensed orgone field as misty, multicoloured and luminescent.

Orgone can probably accelerate all psychic regeneration processes. In order to be able to supply the organism with increased vitality and life energy, it is necessary to generate a condensed orgone field. This can probably be achieved, among other things, by exploiting the different behaviour of orgone to mineral and metallic substances and their surfaces. Based on these ideas, the Isis orgone emitter was developed. The device works without battery or supplied electricity and is maintenance- and wear-free. It can possibly generate a standing wave due to its special construction. This wave, which is probably still radiaesthetically detectable at a distance of six metres, is presumably the carrier of the orgone field.

In the meantime, it has probably been possible to develop a highly functional orgone emitter for self-application. It is probably suitable for daily home use as well as for therapeutic practice. Due to its special construction as well as the use of brass, a higher functioning of the Isis orgone emitter has probably been achieved. The geometrical shape radiation, certain wavelengths (3x7,23cm = 21,69 cm = tube length of the orgone-radiator 1:1) and different material arrangements inside the orgone-radiator can probably favour a stronger energy transmission. In the tip of the Isis orgone emitter 1:1.5 there is a geometrical turbocharger. In addition, the turbocharger can presumably strengthen the functioning of the orgone emitter. The rear part of the Isis orgone emitter contains a spiral-shaped brass probe, tumbled rock crystals, as well as informed quartz sand and natural cotton, whereby, as with a catalytic converter, the negative vibrations of radioactivity, radio and radar rays and microwaves are possibly neutralized and presumably only pure orgone energy can be emitted through the tip. The Isis orgone emitter is connected in the rear part by a 72.3 cm copper cable with a transmitter disk, with which probably additional oscillation information can be transmitted. The transmitter disk probably has a similar effect as a satellite antenna, because it probably "sucks in" the electromagnetic oscillation and then transmits it via the cable to the orgone emitter.

Underneath the transmitter disc is a natural programmed agate disc for protection against geopathic stress as well as for possible amplification of the Isis orgone emitter. Together with the Isis orgone source, a special transmitter ampoule programmed with possible healing vibrations is delivered for the bioenergetic transmission of information.

With the Weber-Isis® orgone emitter it is possible to transmit energetic information (vibrational information) of any kind, as well as the presumed etheric forces (orgone, od, subtle life energy, prana, chi, reiki, huna).

Technical specification

Glass Carafe: Volume 1.5L / 51 Oz. 100% borosilicate glass carafe with a built-in impeller. 

Base: hand-made porcelain, vortex generator coupled with automatic load and touch sensors. Stainless steel 304 bottom plate. 

Pouring Spout: Stainless steel 304, food-grade silicone seal. 

Rechargeable battery: 3.7V, 18650 li-ion, up to 7 hours of wireless use. 

Cord: USB type A to type C, 50 inches (1.27m)

Power: 5V --- 1A

Product Certifications: ETL certified, CE certified, FCC compliance

Warranty: 2 years limited warranty.

Weight: 30.9 oz(875 g) 

Height: 12.6" (320mm)

Diameter: 5.5" (140mm)

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