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Weber-Isis® Pendulum (gold-plated)

Weber-Isis® Pendulum (gold-plated)

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Eckhard Weber:

"A long time ago I bought an Isis pendulum at a trade fair. After I had put it in my trouser pocket, I noticed after a short time that I was getting warm and my circulation was getting into overdrive. I remembered the pendulum in my pocket and put it aside again: my perceptions returned to normal. With the pendulum in my pocket, the sensations returned. I practiced this back and forth for a while until I knew for sure: there is a power coming from this! This Isis pendulum, however, did not correspond to my expectations, as it was not neatly worked and also not gold-plated. I then began to experiment with my own designs of my Isis pendulum until, after many attempts, I achieved the desired effect. Word of the special effects of my Isis pendulum spread quickly. Today it is popular with many natural doctors, alternative practitioners and self-users Even a world-renowned Feng Shui master from Hong Kong also works with it!"  

The Mini Orgone Radiation

Every geometric body can have a natural vibrational energy, which depends on its shape. This knowledge of the natural radiation of geometric shapes was known long ago in Babylon, Egypt and India. The pyramids and stone monuments, such as Stonehenge, testify to this.

The characteristic Weber-Isis® Pendulum bears the name of Isis, the goddess of all and heaven. Its shape symbolizes the cross of life. The shape of the pendulum, whose possible radiation is probably amplified by a "battery" consisting of four ribs, as well as the materials used, brass, gold, cotton and informed quartz sand, guarantee a very high sensitivity.  

Transmitter and receiver 

The Isis pendulum can be a reliable measuring instrument. Working with it is not tiring even over a long period of time. As every geometric body has a natural oscillation energy due to its specific shape radiation (e.g. pyramids), the Isis pendulum can also possibly emit this oscillation energy. The Isis pendulum is made of gold-plated brass, is 5cm long and weighs 26 grams. The string measures approx. 26cm. The pendulum is filled with quartz sand in rock crystal quality, as well as organic cotton. It is delivered in a soft velvet cloth bag.

Due to the filling of the pendulum body with informed quartz sand and organic cotton, it can be used like a small Isis orgone radiator. The gold plating is believed to enhance the inherent radiation of the Isis pendulum.


Technical specification

Glass Carafe: Volume 1.5L / 51 Oz. 100% borosilicate glass carafe with a built-in impeller. 

Base: hand-made porcelain, vortex generator coupled with automatic load and touch sensors. Stainless steel 304 bottom plate. 

Pouring Spout: Stainless steel 304, food-grade silicone seal. 

Rechargeable battery: 3.7V, 18650 li-ion, up to 7 hours of wireless use. 

Cord: USB type A to type C, 50 inches (1.27m)

Power: 5V --- 1A

Product Certifications: ETL certified, CE certified, FCC compliance

Warranty: 2 years limited warranty.

Weight: 30.9 oz(875 g) 

Height: 12.6" (320mm)

Diameter: 5.5" (140mm)

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