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Dragonfly Water Solutions

MAYU Minerals | Essential - 3 Pack

MAYU Minerals | Essential - 3 Pack

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Our modern lifestyle and diet leave us deficient in many nutrients and trace minerals and our immune system vulnerable. MAYU Essential Blend is 100% natural highly concentrated drops to enrich water (or any other drink).
  • 100% Natural Minerals
  • 72 Ionic Minerals
  • No Sugar, No Acid, No Additives 
  • Liquid for fast Absorption
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan Friendly

Technical specification

Glass Carafe: Volume 1.5L / 51 Oz. 100% borosilicate glass carafe with a built-in impeller. 

Base: hand-made porcelain, vortex generator coupled with automatic load and touch sensors. Stainless steel 304 bottom plate. 

Pouring Spout: Stainless steel 304, food-grade silicone seal. 

Rechargeable battery: 3.7V, 18650 li-ion, up to 7 hours of wireless use. 

Cord: USB type A to type C, 50 inches (1.27m)

Power: 5V --- 1A

Product Certifications: ETL certified, CE certified, FCC compliance

Warranty: 2 years limited warranty.

Weight: 30.9 oz(875 g) 

Height: 12.6" (320mm)

Diameter: 5.5" (140mm)

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